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Easy DIY Tips for Decorating Thanksgiving Dinner & Parties

The holidays are just around the corner and many of us will be hosting Thanksgiving dinners or attending parties. One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is by making your home festive with DIY decorations. 

There are times when we need a little extra decoration in our homes but don’t want to spend too much time, money, and effort on it so here’s an idea: try using paper bags with paint, markers, and glue! These can be very useful during parties such as birthdays, bridal showers, etc.

In this article, we’ll share easy DIY house work tips for Thanksgiving dinner and party decorations that will make your house look like a winter wonderland without breaking the bank!

Easy DIY Decorations for Thanksgiving Dinner

When it comes to DIY Thanksgiving dinner decorations, there are many options that you can choose from. We’ll go over some of our favorite ideas for easy-to-make centerpieces and festive table settings below:

  • Use twine to make a wreath with gourds. This is an excellent centerpiece idea if you’re looking for something rustic or natural. You can also make this using fall flowers like roses!
  • Add leaves in different shapes and sizes around the base of your candles (preferably unscented). If you don’t have any autumn foliage outside, dried lavender makes an excellent alternative. Create these pretty candle holders by just wrapping string around mason jars then tying at the top with floral wire.
  • Bundle together a few branches with floral wire and use them as a table runner. If you’re feeling extra creative, go ahead and spray paint the ends of your branches white to give them that snowy look.
  • Take any small pots or planter boxes, fill them with soil then plant fall flowers like sunflowers, mums, or marigolds. You can also place candles inside for an even more festive feel! For an easy DIY centerpiece idea using food items; try placing all your cutlery in one direction (e.g.: forks facing up/knives facing down), arranging napkins & plates around it then adding salt-pepper shakers at each end of the table along with some autumn foliage such as leaves, berries or branches.
  • Topiary-like balls can be made with chicken wire, some dried moss, and evergreen branches. You’ll just need to form the chicken wire into a ball shape (or any other desired shape), then wrap it in the moss and secure it with hot glue or wire. Add a festive ribbon around the top for extra decoration.
  • Garlands are a good way to add color and decoration without having too many items on your table. To make this garland, simply string together wooden beads using twine then tie in pretty bows for an easy DIY centerpiece idea that will look great over the holiday dinner table!
  • Place autumn foliage such as leaves or pumpkins at the entrance of your home when guests arrive. This is both festive & welcoming! For fall-themed lanterns, just wrap some raffia around mason jars filled with water before adding floating candles inside (preferably unscented). If you want something more unique than the usual lanterns, try hanging up some paper bag luminaries instead. Paper bags can be folded and cut to form any shape you like (e.g.: a pumpkin, an owl, or even a turkey) then use them as DIY party decorations!
  • Decorate the walls with autumn leaves by taping/pinning them onto your wall using floral wire & hot glue for easy Thanksgiving decorating ideas that will take only minutes yet look amazing at night when everything is lit up! You can also string together wooden beads then hang them from doorknobs or coat hangers draped over chairs for extra decoration.
  • You could even create fall-themed banners or signs made out of construction paper and markers before writing down “Happy Thanksgiving” on them.
  • For winter-themed decorations; use white construction paper then cut out snowflakes before gluing them onto windows with hot glue or double-sided tape (this is especially effective if you have a large window). You can also hang up icicles made out of white thread or cotton balls.
  • Another easy idea is to make paper chains in any color combination you like; just cut out long strips of paper then fold them accordion style. Glue one end of each strip to the next for an easy no-sew decoration that’s perfect for any occasion!
  • Get creative with some colorful tissue paper by folding it into small squares, then cutting out festive shapes such as Christmas trees, stars, or snowflakes. Glue them to a piece of cardboard (or any other sturdy surface) and hang it up on the wall or mantelpiece for an easy & cheap way to add some extra color to your party decorations!
  • If you want something that will really catch people’s attention, try making a giant paper flower garland! This is a bit more time-consuming but definitely worth it in the end. For instructions on how to make these, simply type “paper flower garland tutorial” into your favorite internet search engine.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget about candles! They always add a nice touch of ambiance and can be very relaxing. Try using them during dinner parties, at the fireplace, or even in your bathroom for a luxurious & relaxing bath!

There are a lot of ways to decorate your house on thanksgiving without breaking a dime because decorations don’t always have to be expensive. DIY decorations are there to help you with that.

Easy DIY Decorations for Thanksgiving Parties

When it comes to DIY decorations for Thanksgiving parties, the sky’s the limit! Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • If you’re hosting a kid’s party, create a festive scene by setting up a small area with hay bales and pumpkins. You can also hang paper leaves from the ceiling for an extra touch.
  • String together some cranberries and popcorn strings as garlands. These are perfect if you’re looking for something simple yet elegant.
  • Make your own banner by cutting out different shapes from colored felt or construction paper. Then use Mod Podge or glue to adhere them to a piece of ribbon or string. Bonus points if you use a festive font like Christmas Tree or Frosty.
  • Set up a photo booth! This is especially fun for larger groups and it’s easy to do by just using some props like hats, glasses, feather boas, and of course, the obligatory Thanksgiving turkey!
  • If you’re feeling crafty, try making your own centerpieces. These can be as simple as arranging candles on a tray with some sprigs of rosemary or thyme, or going all out and making an elaborate floral arrangement.

Bottom Line

Thanksgiving dinners are a great time to gather with family and friends, so be sure to make your event memorable by decorating the place! Everyone wants to feel special and at home during the holidays, so use these easy DIY tips to make your guests feel welcome. 

While a thanksgiving dinner is great, everyone also needs a nice home that’s spacious enough to host a Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas party. If you’re interested in looking at new houses, especially one that’s more conducive when working from home, then check out these work from home tips and also have a few takeaways from these home buyer tips so you can be more knowledgeable and less likely to get scammed when buying a house!

There are lots of easy DIY decorations that you can use to make your Thanksgiving party stand out. So get creative and have fun with it! And most importantly, enjoy spending time with family and friends. 

We hope that these DIY tips will help you get into the holiday spirit and that your home will be beautifully decorated for Thanksgiving dinners and parties! Happy crafting!

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