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Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Fixing a broken heart is one of the hardest things to do. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide around 18 million deaths recorded per year. These illnesses are not limited to; stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, rheumatic heart disease, coronary heart disease, and arteriosclerosis. 

Risk factors

Cardiovascular diseases usually happen to people as they age, but there are factors associated with them. 

Unhealthy diet

A diet with high-fat saturation causes cholesterol to build up in the arterial walls of the heart. That would lead to heart attack and other health conditions. Eating oily and fatty foods will cause fat deposits to accumulate in the body and may not only lead to obesity but also an unhealthy heart. 

Uncontrolled tobacco and alcohol use

Smoking and drinking alcohol will only make his diseases worse. There are pieces of evidence that drinking alcohol may lower the risks of heart diseases, but taking too much alcohol will increase blood pressure, worsen heart failure, and cause a stroke. Smoking contains harmful chemicals that could lead to ulcers, cancer, circulatory diseases, and other health complications.

Physical inactivity

A fatty diet, vices, and lack of exercise would probably be the perfect combo to live an unhealthy life. Physical inactivity would cause an imbalance in the body and contribute to other risk factors.

Environmental factors

Sometimes people get sick despite having the healthiest diet, lifestyle, and exercise. Doing the right thing in the wrong place is not the best option. Living in an exposed and unhealthy environment would not just cause cardiovascular diseases but other illnesses as well. 

Stress and depression

Depression is an illness that affects both the mental and physical wellness of a person. A depressed person suffers from increased blood pressure, insomnia, and fatigue which may contribute to cardiovascular diseases. 

Importance of having a healthy heart

The heart pumps blood that carries oxygen through the body. There are four chambers of the heart, the left, and right ventricles and left and right atriums. Each part has its function; is to either pump oxygenated blood and receive deoxygenated blood.  

Failure to supply oxygen and nutrients to the body would lead to different complications. That is why cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. The heart is a vital organ. Keeping it healthy must be the priority to make sure that all organs in the body are functioning well. 

Tips to keep your heart healthy

Having a healthy heart allows you to perform physical tasks at the optimal level. Running, swimming, trekking, and other similar activities require cardiovascular endurance. You can live a happy and productive life if you have a healthy heart. Here are ways to keep your heart safe:

Stop smoking or using tobacco

Tobacco contains harmful chemicals and nicotine. These substances will reduce the oxygen in the blood, damage the heart and blood vessels, and affect the lungs. Even if not a smoker, stay away from secondhand smoke. 

Eating a healthy diet

Staying away from oily and fatty foods is very helpful. A healthy diet can reduce blood pressure and risk of type 2 diabetes, improve balance and cholesterol, and decrease obesity. Limiting sugar, salt, processed foods, and alcohol is also a part of a healthy diet. 

Exercise regularly

You do not need intense exercise to be physically fit. A simple routine that involves body movements like running, jogging, and swimming can be a way to improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Physical exercises will also enhance the stamina and shape of the body.

Get quality rest

After a tiring day at work or the gym, a good rest can be the best time to cool yourself down. Lack of sleep can be harmful. People who lack nights of sleep are prone to high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, heart attack, obesity, etc. 

Manage stress

Stress and depression can increase blood pressure. Try to relax. Never cope with stress with unhealthy practices like overeating, drinking, or smoking. Look for alternative ways to manage your stress. 

Be in a safe and clean environment

Diseases can sometimes be associated with the location of a person. Living in a polluted place would increase the risk of heart diseases. Look for a clean environment, breathe fresh air and enjoy the view. Peace of mind with joyful laughs will always be the best medication.

There are ways to fix a “broken heart”: It is never too late to help people suffering from cardiovascular illnesses. There are tips to keep our hearts healthy. By avoiding certain practices, applying routines like diet and exercise, we can achieve a healthy and functional body. But we do not have to cure a disease if we can prevent it in the first place. The tips are easy. Just follow them then surely we will be able to keep our hearts in the right place.

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