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Procedures to Restore A Perfect Smile

Damaged, crooked, discolored, and unhealthy health can lose anyone’s confidence. It can lose someone’s courage to talk and meet other individuals due to their broken or missing teeth. Aside from these, damaged teeth will also give them a hard time chewing food.

The best way to solve this problem is through dental restoration. Fixing the teeth can bring back their natural function and prevent any additional damage due to decaying. Dental restoration has many methods to choose from that can indeed be beneficial for cosmetic or health reasons and can regain your confidence- restoring your perfect smile.

Different Types of Dental Restoration

Thankfully, there are lots of methods that can restore the appearance and function of your teeth. Procedures in restoration will depend on what type and how wide the damages you have. Here are some dental restoration procedures you can choose from:

Dental fillings

The most common type of restoration is dental filling. It is used to fill the cavities probably because of tooth dental decay. Fillings do not require care from a specialist and can be done in a dentist’s office. Moreover, dentists will clean excess dirt from your tooth decay and fill in the cavity. They used several materials, including composite resin or silver amalgam.

A dentist’s best recommendation for a damaged tooth that was visible when you smile and speak was by using a tooth-colored material for the filling. Here are some options they may offer:

Composite Resins (white fillings)- They have a similar color to your teeth to make them blend well and unnoticeable. They are robust, flexible, and durable and do not expand or damage the teeth.

Glass Ionomer- It is opaque and acts as a sealant compared to composite resins.

Resin-modified Glass Ionomer- Like glass ionomer, the only difference is that it will last longer, and the enamel color matches the teeth.

Seek advice from a dental professional to find the perfect filling that suits your teeth.

Dental Crowns

Crowns protect fillings, teeth with large cavities for dental, worn down teeth, weak and cracked teeth. They are also advised to serve as an anchor in a bridge that will replace the missing teeth. They are types of caps placed all over an entire tooth to cover it well.

A prosthodontist usually places crowns on teeth after a thorough examination. A temporary crown must be placed first on the natural tooth. Then it can be replaced by an actual crown afterward.

Dental Bonding

The dentist applies composite resin to the tooth that matches its color. Resins will be shaped, molded then hardened with ultraviolet light. They are not as durable as dental crowns and may chip easily. It would be best if you had an additional restoration for a better result.

Dental Bridges

They function as a replacement for missing teeth and can be attached by crowns on surrounding teeth. They are made from porcelain that blends well with the natural look of your teeth and bonding with a sturdy metal underneath. It also required the support of implants under the newly replaced teeth. The quality of the teeth on either side will be an essential factor in determining which type of bridge you will need. Attend several appointments to the dentist before getting a complex bridgework.

Dental Implants

They are artificial roots that hold replacement teeth to make them intact and secure- probably with two types:

Endosteal– the artificial root is drilled into the jawboneSubperiosteal- the artificial root is placed above the jawbone.

Implants are done when the jawbone cannot hold an endosteal implant firmly. They also look like natural teeth, improving your ability to chew and talk. Implants may take months or years to complete because they require multiple procedures and post-check-ups to avoid risks. Only periodontists and registered oral surgeons can do these types of procedures.

Dental Dentures

They look just like teeth, including their surrounding gums as well. They are removable false teeth that you can wear if necessarily needed.

Complete Set of Dentures- are best for losing all teeth due to accident, tooth decay, or gum disease.

Partial Set of Dentures– are great alternatives if you have left some of your natural teeth.

Dental Veneers

They are considered cosmetic procedures which recreate your perfect natural-look teeth. They make your set of teeth appear evenly. Veneers can be produced from porcelain or composite resin and can be put through these:

Traditional Procedure- requires careful preparation, including grinding down the natural tooth’s structure.

No Prep Procedure- offers less preparation and does not require anesthesia.

With proper care and checkups, dental veneers may last from 5 to 15 years.

Benefits of Dental Restoration

As years continue to add, your dental structure becomes weak and causes your teeth to get damaged and lost.

Thankfully, restorations improve the structure of your teeth by maintaining your jawbone, making it firm and sturdy. Implants bond well with the gums and bone structure, resulting in them lasting long.

They also give you confidence and eliminate uneasy circumstances while joining with the crowd. They can boost up your energy to greet everyone without the thought of being embarrassed by your damaged, uneven teeth.  You can finally give your whole smile to everybody.

Lastly, they can bring comfort in terms of chewing and eating foods you love. You can enjoy the taste of every delicious bite of your meal. Besides that, they can also prevent your teeth from any further damage.


The more damaged and lost teeth you have, the more you will lose your courage to cheer others. Having uneven teeth leads to sadness and anxiety, forgetting you can smile and have fun. Regain your chance to chew food better, have the ability to mingle, and improve your emotional state.

Restore your smile once again. Consult dentists in Bundoora to help you. 

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