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Pros and Cons of Drinking Milk Tea

Almost everyone knows what milk tea is. It is a term used to any tea with milk added to it. Many coffee shops offer milk tea in different flavors depending on their customers’ preferences. Classic, chocolate, mocha, caramel, red velvet, and many flavors are usually served cold and taste like heaven. 

Tea contains antioxidants and nutrients that can help people with their health and weight loss. People have been drinking tea for centuries. Milk is a nutrient-rich drink that comes from the mammary glands of mammals. It is essential for babies but can still provide a health boost to adults.

Pros of drinking milk tea

Good source of protein, calcium, carbohydrates, etc

The mixture of two iconic drinks that provide their health benefits would create a better result. Calcium and protein will help improve muscle and bones, and its carbs content is a good source of energy. This drink is a superfood. 

Reduces stress

Tea once rivaled coffee as the top beverage in the world, and it came on top. Tea contains caffeine, but in a lesser amount, that may help reduce stress and refresh the body. It also has antioxidants that can reduce inflammations in the body, thus relieving mental and physical stress. 

Weight loss/gain

Milktea can be used to either gain or lose weight. The fat compound from milk can increase your weight. If you want to lose weight, dietary agents like caffeine and polyphenol will be helpful. 

Good for the heart

Caffeine is proven to be beneficial to the circulatory system. Milktea’s already packed with the necessary nutrients capable of sustaining carbs, protein, and minerals. Its efficiency can be a boost to the organ systems of the body, especially the heart. Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that people who drink either coffee or tea have a lower risk of circulatory illnesses. 

Tea has anti-cancer properties

People have been drinking tea as a miracle cure for centuries. It is known for eliminating toxins and free radicals inside the body. 

There are many things that milk tea can offer. Most of them are beneficial, but some are not. We have to understand that the overconsumption of healthy products is, ironically, not so healthy at all. 

Cons of drinking milk tea

Some nutritionists are concerned about the nutritional value of milk tea despite its popularity. Just like other beverages, milk tea must be drunk in moderation. 


Milk tea contains a large amount of sugar. It is sweet and usually has additives like pearls made of starch and artificial flavorings. Such ingredient does not offer much benefit and would likely be the other way around if consumed regularly. It can cause complications like Type 2 diabetes. 

Can cause anxiety and insomnia

A common side effect of caffeine is difficulty in sleeping and palpitation. It is not a big deal, but it can be very annoying and stressful. The results can either be short-term or long-term proportional to the amount of caffeine consumed by a person. 


Though this might be unlikely, drinking too much milk tea can cause nausea. It may be due to the presence of tannins which irritate the digestive tract. It can even lead to stomach aches, bloating, and stomach discomfort. 

Why milk tea is so popular

Milk tea originated in the early 1980s. It so happened that the trend suddenly rose in the 2010s after some shops worldwide popularized the beverage.

People now love milk tea the way people have loved coffee and tea since ancient times. Its nutritional value and flavor are the reason why customers are comfortable in drinking milk tea. The relaxing stimulus of tea and milk added to the texture with rich aftertaste became phenomenal. 

Ingredients and procedures in making milk tea

This delightful beverage is simple to make. You may need a few things and ingredients then you are good to go. 


1 cup tapioca pearls

4 cups of freshly brewed tea

a tablespoon of sugar

Crushed ice or ice cube

½ cup of milk


Soften the tapioca pearls. Follow the package instructions on how to soak the tapioca pearls. 

Use warm tea, mix the sugar, and stir until fully dissolved. 

Let it cool for a while (better if refrigerated).

Place the softened pearls at the bottom of 2 cups. Use a cocktail shaker to shake the ingredients together before serving the milk tea. 

Overall, tea and milk do sound like a perfectly healthy combination, or is it? Here are the pros and cons of drinking milk tea

Milktea is worth a try. It has pros and cons like any other beverage. But people like drinking it not because of the trend, but because it is just too good. People can enjoy the flavor, sweetness, and health benefits if they drink milk tea moderately. 

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