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Jack Daniel’s Distillery was established in 1866 and was the first registered distillery in the U.S. born Jasper Newton Daniel. This company is the mastermind behind the most popular- the Old No. 7. By 1904, Jack’s infamous whiskey had earned a gold medal at the World’s Fair, which became its turning point of fandom until today. His award-winning flavor and original recipe, which remains unchanged, continue to carry the brand throughout the years. It also includes just the right amount of corn, rye, and barley.

How it all Started

Jasper Newton Daniel, also known as Jack, ran away from home due to his parent’s death. He was taken in by a local preacher named Dan Call. The call began teaching Jack about distilling, and in 1875 Jack founded a registered distilling business with a call using money from his late father’s estate. Shortly after that, call quit the business due to religious reasons, and Jack took over the ownership.

In 1884, Jack Daniel purchased the land where the distillery is located today. He gave the distillery to his nephew, Lemuel “Lew” Motlow, in 1907. Motlow operated the distillery for 40 years. In 1910, he challenged the law in a case that went to the Tennessee Supreme Court. Since a statewide prohibition was passed in 1910, the legal distillation of Jack Daniel’s in Tennessee was not allowed.

The company then moved production to St. Louis, Missouri, and Birmingham, Alabama, but could not achieve the quality of whiskey produced in Tennessee. Both Missouri and Alabama were affected by similar prohibitions. After several years of hardships and changes, the distillery was finally up and running for business in 1947, and so the legend begins.

The Famous No. 7

Being the most recognizable Jack Daniel’s whiskey on the face of the earth-the no. 7 was mellowed drop-by-drop through 10-feet sugar maple charcoal, then matured in their personal-made and handcrafted barrels. It is getting the right kind of recognition for its excellent quality.

Jack Daniel’s Tin with 2 Glass is the best Jack Daniels gift pack for lovers. One 700ml bottle of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 and two rocks glasses.

Other Variants to Indulge:

  • Gentleman Pack

It undergoes a second charcoal mellowing to achieve exceptional smoothness. Its balanced flavor is perfect for celebrating life’s extraordinary occasions, plus all the moments along the way.

Single Barrel Collection

  • Single Barrel Select

It is bottled at 94-proof, Single Barrel Select layers a subtle, perfect balance of caramel and spice with bright fruit notes and sweet aroma to relax after a hectic schedule.

  • Single Barrel Rye

The first new grain bill in 150 years- this historic creation marries the smoothness of Jack Daniel’s with an outstanding 70% rye grain bill. Complex flavors of ripe fruit mingle with light toasted oak notes to create a taste rich with spice and a pleasant lingering finish. It is big, bold rye that does not overpower.

  • Single Barrel Strength

This high-character single barrel whiskey reflects the flavor imparted by our handmade, toasted and charred, American Oak barrels. Bottled a barrel at a time, Barrel Strength lifts Jack’s trademark vanilla and toasted oak flavors to bold new levels for an aromatic and smooth whiskey experience, complemented by notes of sweet brown sugar that give way to hints of dark spice.

  • Single Barrel 100 Proof

It is bottled in bond at 100-proof so that you can experience the full depth and intensity of its rich flavor. It is smooth, aromatic whiskey and only available in select duty-free airports around the world.

  • Tennessee Rye

Introducing rye whiskey made Jack’s way. Crafted with our 70-percent rye grain bill, natural spring water from our own Cave Spring Hollow, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye is a whiskey that could only come from Lynchburg, Tennessee.

  • Tennessee Honey

A blend of their signature whiskey and a unique self-made honey liqueur, for a taste that’s one-of-a-kind and unmistakably Jack. With hints of honey and a naturally smooth finish, it has an unexpected taste.

  • Tennessee Apple

A unique character of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey coupled with crisp green apple for a fresh and rewarding taste. It’s bold, refreshing, and exceptionally smooth.

Every variant has its own Jack Daniels price and may differ depending on its quantity, seasonal ingredients, and long-time maturity.

How to Drink Jack Daniels

There are plenty of ways to use this versatile whiskey. It is an excellent addition to many cocktails and also delicious straight up or on the rocks. You can even mix up your version of a Jack Daniels cocktail. You can have it with a bit of water, a club soda, or ginger ale. It is a delicious spirit to give your drinks a little kick.

No matter what you prefer- a time-honored classic like the Old No. 7, or fresh combinations featuring citrus and black cherry, there’s a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey that you will surely adore. So the next time you pick a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, consider waking your wild inner side and try something new. Still, sticking with the tried-and-true classics isn’t a wrong decision either. Either way, you’re sure to have a good time.

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